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Gibson SG Special II 1983 (Pre-Owned)

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Gibson SG Special II 1983 (Pre-Owned)

A pre-owned vintage 1983 Gibson SG Special II.

A classic American-made guitar that needs no introduction. Delivers the classic Gibson SG tone, sustain and presence.

Has the standard Gibson mahogany body and neck and rosewood fretboard, with two humbucker pickups.

The condition is good, with no more wear and tear than can be expected from a 40+ year old item, a few scuffs and minor scratches here and there. The only notable thing is that the once off-white Nitro finish has aged to a creamy banana-yellow. It has has some nice checking on it, authentically occurring (not 'relicing'!). The guitar has never had a neck break. The tuners have been replaced, but they have been replaced with the same tuners it would have come with in the 80s.

Available in store. If you have any questions regarding this instrument please feel free to message us or give us a call for more details.

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