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Aria Pro II 1981 Pro 2 Bass (Pre-Owned)

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Aria Pro II 1981 Pro 2 Bass (Pre-Owned)

A pre-owned Aria Pro II Vintage 1981 Pro 2 bass guitar.

Made in Japan in 1981, this bass is of the utmost high quality build. Features a maple through-neck with a rosewood fretboard. The neck has a robust deep profile but medium-narrow fingerboard with an easy action. The sound is very balanced and consistent with excellent booming low end and low mids. Also features a rotary switch to control the EQ of the active circuit.

Is in very good condition considering its 40-plus year age. However there are some minor cosmetic signs of wear and tear from previous use. Is in full working order.

Available in store. If you have any questions regarding this instrument please feel free to message us or give us a call for more details.

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